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Disclaimer: The above materials were collected in order to aid you in creating and writing motions. Be advised that many of the motions were computer-scanned and, therefore, may have errors in formatting and text. These errors did not appear in the original documents and should in no way reflect upon the contributors. Also, this collection contains motions from a variety of jurisdictions; hence, many documents may contain case law not applicable to your circuit. Furthermore, each document may not meet the requirements of the local rules in your district. Finally, we do not guarantee the research, legal authority, or quotes included in this collection of motions. Please be sure to check each cite and quote for accuracy, as well as, to Shepardize all authorities.

Motions from other FPD offices


DC Motions

Fed.R.Evid. 403 and 404
        -including Old Chief motions
        -evidence of prior felonies/convictions
Fed.R.Evid. 609
Fed. 922(g)
Appointment of Counsel
Addiction Prevention Recovery Administration
Bail & Pretrial Detention
        -modifications of pretrial detention order
        -Singleton release motion 922(g)
Bill of Particulars
Compel or Resist
        -resist compulsion of fingerprinting
        -resist compulsion of testifying
        -continuance of trial or to file pretrial motions
        -(see also: Continuance of Sentencing below)
Disclosures & Discovery
        -Includes Confidential Informant and Exculpatory Information
        -Includes Brady, Jencks, Giglio Motions & Request Letters
        -Motions to Compel Production of Discovery: Includes demand for notice from government of its intention
         to rely upon other crimes evidence.        
        -dismissal for Speedy Trial Act violations
        -dismissal for Double Jeopardy/collateral estoppel violations
        -dismissal of indictment
        -duplicity of counts
        -failure to state a claim
Ex Parte
        -motion to compel records
        -issuance of subpoenas
        -to admit expert testimony
        -for travel outside of DC area
        -emergency situations
Jury Instructions
        -proposed jury instructions
Late File
        -late file of pre-trial motions
        -late file withdrawl of guilty plea
        -late file motion to suppress
Multiplicitous Counts
        -compel election between and handgun/ammunition counts
New Trial
Probable Cause - Terry Stops
Property Return
Sentencing Related Motions . . .
        Continuance of Sentencing
        Memorandum in Aid of Sentencing
        Probation Revocation
        Vacate, Set Aside, Correct, or Modify Sentence
        Supervised Release  
        Clarification of Probation Conditions
        -severance of defendants and/or counts
Motions to Suppress . . .
                -to suppress tangible/physical evidence
                -to reopen suppression hearing
Travel Expenses
Voir Dire
        -proposed question for voir dire
        -statement of the case