Sentencing Guidelines Tables and Charts  
   Updated Sentencing Enhancement and Sentencing Reduction CheatSheet. 8/02
   Sentencing Reform (DC) Chart and Federal Sentencing Grid
   Supervised Release (DC) Table
   Firearms Offenses - Sentencing Enhancement based on prior conviction and another version.
   Selected Firearms Offenses - Cheat Sheet
Sentencing Guidelines Amendments & Manuals  
  .An Introduction to Federal Guideline Sentencing (9th ed. April. 2006).   A brief introduction to federal sentencing under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, incorporating changes brought about by United States v. Booker. Includes a summary of the relevant statutes and the Guidelines Manual, and provides tips for applying the guidelines, commentary on plea bargaining, and traps for the unwary. In pdf format.

Using Studies and Statistics to Redefine the Purposes of Sentencing 2006

Information, Reports, or Articles about the Guidelines  
   Introduction to the Federal Guideline Sentencing
  108 Mitigating Factors by M. Levine Feb 1, 2005
   Custody. Primary Jurisdiction, and Concurrent Sentences in Separate Jurisdictions
  Errores Juris 2005 by A. Bunin 2005
The Supreme Court and the Sentencing Guidelines  
   Supreme Court Federal Sentencing Decisions
Opinions Relating to Sentencing White v Scibana, the Wisconsin District Court decision invalidating the BOP's good time computation system.